KNU Conflict Deepens Hey Guys , It's Just a Game ! KNU Conflict DeepensBy Shah PaungApril 05, 2007The disunity within Karen opposition forces near the border with Thailand deepened this week as a splinter group accused the Karen National Union of attacking its members and stealing its gold. Ba U Gyi , father of the Karen resistance Pastor Timothy, a former KNU Central Committee member involved in 買屋網 the breakaway group KNU/KNLA Peace Council, claims in a report prepared by the group that KNU forces fired on a boat carrying Col Ler Moo of the Peace Council group and several children accompanying him near the village of Mae La in Thailand’s Tak province. According to the report of the incident, the attack was ordered by KNU General Secreta 居酒屋ry Mahn Sha and 7th Brigade commander Col Johnny, who replaced Htain Maung after his split with the KNU. Mahn Sha , General Secretary of the KNU Officials with the Karen rebel group deny any involvement in the attack. “The event happened in an area far from [Col] Johnny’s camp,” a top leader from the KNU told The Irrawaddy on Thursday. “If we had made th 宜蘭民宿e attack, nobody would have survived it.” Ler Moo is said to be in hospital in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Sources near the border, including members of the splinter group Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, which split from the KNU in 1995, say that many believe the story to have been fabricated by soldiers of Burma’s ruling State Peace and Development Council in order to 景觀設計create further conflicts with the opposition group. The current conflicts between the KNU and its splinter groups began in late February after Battalion 201 of the Karen National Liberation Army—the military wing of the KNU—attacked a contingent of the DKBA. Col Na Kam Mui , Chairman of the DKBA Pastor Timothy and a fellow member of the Peace Council, known simply as Tennyson, ar 房地產e said to maintain close relations with the DKBA, with whom they brokered the peace deal between the Peace Council and the Burmese regime. In his report, Pastor Timothy describes the circumstances of the Battalion 201 attack. He claims that two Karen civilian trucks were fired on near the village of Htee Tha Le by KNLA troops from Battalion 201. One of the drivers, Law Plah—a soldier with the DKBA—was k 會場佈置illed at the scene, while the second, Pastor Po Aye Pyin from Htee Tha Le village, was seriously injured and later died in a Mae Sot hospital. The trucks, which carried bars of gold, were stolen. According to the report, Hnoke Khan Hmwe, the commander of DKBA Battalion 907, “demanded the return of the two vehicles, 2.5 million kyat (US $3,000) and the 12 bars of gold stolen from the dead driver.” He gave the KNU two w 裝潢eeks to satisfy the demands, but no actions have yet been taken.Others dispute his version of events. Thaw Ka Rambo, a monk and former chairman of the KNU Sangha Committee with close ties to the DKBA, told The Irrawaddy on Thursday that three trucks owned by the DKBA were involved. One was destroyed in the attack and two others have since been returned. The DKBA claims that Battalion 201 ambushed the trucks after arranging for the tr 酒店工作ansport of some 30 Karen who reportedly wished to join the Peace Council splinter group. Brig-Gen Htain Maung , leader of the KNU/KNLA peace council According to Pastor Timothy’s report, the attack is alleged to have been planned by Mahn Sha. Meanwhile, the fate of the money and gold taken from the trucks remains unknown. Pastor Timothy is said to have traveled to the site of the attack to document events and take photographs. Hnoke Khan Hmwe an 591d the wife of Law Plah said that Pastor Timothy offered to take responsibility for compensating for the loss of the money and gold in the attack on the DKBA trucks. He is believed to be in possession of the compensation funds, but why he has offered to take responsibility for the theft remains unknown and has led some to suggest that his actions indicate that he knows more about the theft of cash and gold than he has admitted. 景觀設計&z=163  .
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